[Geannuleerd] Little Devil Doom Day V: Death The Leveller + Urza + Throatsnapper

15u / doom / little devil doom day / €16,75

The fifth edition. 6 doombands will be playing.

First names for Little Devil are a fact. More names will be added

Death The Leveller

New Doom metal band from Dublin featuring members from Mael Mórdha and Cursed Earth ….


Funeral Death Doom ( Berlin )

Members: Olli – Guitar, Marcus – Guitar, Marc – Bass, Thomas – Vocals, Hannes – Drums


Throatsnapper, formed in 2013, recorded their s/t album in 2015. It demonstrates heavy, distorted riffs with a pummeling drum patern. The vocals, reduced to a minimum, create a dark, rat – infested atmorsphere!