Pro-Pain (USA) + Sly Old Dog (uitverkocht)

20.30u / hardcore / €16,20 (vvk) / €17,50 (door)


the NYC hardcore legends are coming back to Little Devil!

Aggressive, meticulous, passionate, righteous – all distinguishing traits that have come to symbolize the fundamentals of metal/hardcore pioneers PRO-PAIN. Since their crushing 1992 NAIRD nominated debut album “Foul Taste Of Freedom”, PRO-PAIN have become a staple in the diets of heavy music listeners around the globe. Their successful and enviable career has perpetually prospered throughout its course, and yet they still manage to find room to improve, and more importantly, impress.

Sly Old Dog

Hi, we are sly old dog. A Hardcore band from the southside of germany. We live hardcore music. We play hardcore music. All of us have a story. Just like you and everyone else out there. We are all the same. That´s it. And it´s not about who has the most Tattoos. Or the biggest muscles, the rarest HC Shirt from ebay, the biggest fanbase on Facebook and Instagram, or who is the badest motherfucker in the pit. There are no colors, genders or dress codes! As a general rule: Fuck fascism – sexism – war – hate – homophobia. It is so easy.
Stay united! Worldwide!