Strangers Among Bears + Crown for a Killer + The Cursed Crew

20u / metal punk / metalcore / gratis

Strangers Among Bears

Metal/punk from Tilburg, Netherlands

Leden band
Drums: Darrick van Dieren
Bass: Jason Duykers
Guitar: Robin van Poppel
Vocals: Jeremy Kock

Crown for a Killer

Crown for a Killer is een Nederlandse metalcore band opgericht in Eindhoven. Met 2 front zangers weten ze een energieke show neer te zetten, toegankelijk voor een groot publiek. Zij hebben wat er nodig is om de Nederlandse metalcore over te nemen.

The Cursed Crew

Several years ago, my (Martin’s) band fell apart. I really wanted to continue making music, but wanted to take it in a different direction than before. So I started a new band together with the drummer and the singer from the previous band. A former colleague of my dad’s (Herman) joined as our bass player, which completed the line up of the Flying Dutchmen.
Not long after, however, both the singer and the drummer decided to pursue other interests and left the band. I decided to place an ad online for a new drummer, which was answered by Johan, who was added to the line up after a short audition. Rhythm section secured, we set out to find a new front man who could do our lyrics justice. We found a suitable front woman in our current singer Hilke whom we met when she had only just started learning to use harsh vocals. We decided she deserved and chance to shine and has been with us since. We have taken our time to grow, because due to many constraints, jobs being one of those, we couldn’t go full force ahead right away.

After having spent some time in our rehearsal space in Helmond, practicing once a week, we decided we wanted to add a bass player to the line up, and we were looking to find some gigs to get started. It didn’t take long to find our first gig, still without a bass player, in Cafe De Kroeg in Geldrop, which unfortunately no longer exists. Shortly after we decided to change the name of the band upon finding out multiple bands and companies already exist under the name Flying Dutchmen.
This is how a bass player-less Cursed Crew came to be. It was not for lack of trying however, as several bass players have spent some time in the band since then. Eventually, we did find the right fit to complete the line up in our current bass player, Toby (every band needs a vegetarian to make fun of). We are quite happy with our sound at the moment and we’re hoping to maintain this line up for the forseeable future.