Artificial Brain (USA) + Devoid Of Thought (IT)

20.30u / death metal / € 10,-

Artificial Brain 

Drawing frequent comparisons to mind-altering progressive death metal acts, ARTIFICIAL BRAIN have distinguished themselves from their peers through an emphasis on rich, melancholic melodic figures, contextualizing the harmonic and emotive qualities of black metal within a more aggressive death metal framework. Dissonance is threaded through elegiac, otherworldly chordal structures; saturnine tremolo melodies float along in the high registers of the instruments; guitars and bass traverse distinct paths before locking into harmonic orbit. These elements, anchored by blast beats and bellowing guttural vocals, create a sense of contrast that has come to characterize the band’s sound over the past decade.

Devoid Of Thought 

Making heads turn since 2016 with the cosmic Death Metal exposed in their Demos, Eps and splits with Undeath and Into Coffin, Italy’s Devoid Of Thought finally release their 40 minutes debut full length combining influences from bands like Timeghoul, Blood Incantation, Voivod and Incantation in a unique, bizarre and twisted vortex.

The band was born as Warstorm in 2010 in Busto Arsizio playing thrash metal and released the full length “Goatspel” in for ETN Records.
After several line-up changes they decide to evolve into DEVOID OF THOUGHT in 2016 leaning towards a much more death metal edge.
In 2017 the band released their first demo “Astral Necrosis” followed by a second demo “Cosmic Apoptosis” in 2019, re-released also as a split with Undeath. A split with Into Coffin followed soon after while the band started playing several gigs in Slovenia, Switzerland and Germany and getting ready to the release of their debut full length album finally out for Everlasting Spew Records.