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MMM presents: 

MMM presents:
Sun 10 Dec - 16.00 H



NIGHT VIPER (Sweden): Since the first whispers heard in 2014, the name of Gothenburg's NIGHT VIPER has only gotten louder and louder. Thanks to a blistering debut on Svart Records and a reputation as one of the most energetic, exciting and headbangable live bands around, NIGHT VIPER is now a must see band for all metalheads! After four European tours and unforgettable appearances at festivals such as 'Muskelrock', 'Roadburn' and 'Hell Over Hamburg', they are now is now a must see band for all metalheads. After several European tours and unforgettable deadlier than ever .The release of their new single, "Summon The Dead" in March 2017 signifies a new level of intensity for them and will lead them to their second full-length album, to be released on Listenable Records in fall 2017. Check them out!!!

THOUGHTLESS (NL): Thoughtless was fromed in the end of 2015 and was founded by Axel and Ivo from Deafaning. Later, Arno van Reep (Mindbeacon), Rebecca Duin (Ex Jackal) and Daniel Lutgerink (Nervous Breakdown) completed the libe up. The musicians already have a lot of stage experience. Rebecca has hosted guest contributions on Sinister, The Unborn Dead's EP and 2 songs on 3rd Machine's CD Quantified self. You can best describe Thoughtless as a solid metal band with thrash influences. The new Thoughtless EP will appear this spring. Check them out!!!


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