Toxic Shock + Violation of Trust

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Toxic Shock

Toxic Shock is a thrash, hardcore punk band from Antwerp (Belgium). Started rehearsing in 2010. After a long search for a suitable singer they found a perfect match in Wally. The first Toxic Shock release was a demotape which saw the light of day in 2011. An EP followed a year later. In 2013 Reflections Records put out the Daily Demons album. Since that the band did a split 7″ with Iron Reagan, a Record Store Day 7″ and worked with Antwerp hip hop masters Team Panini. The first show the fivesome played was with Black Breath in Antwerp. After that first one, more shows in Belgium, England, Germany, France and Holland followed. They supported bands like Testament, Iron Reagan, Black Breath, Suicidal Tendencies, Slapshot, D.R.I., Negative Approach, Poison Idea, Agnostic Front, Power Trip, Phil Anselmo & the Illegals… And hit the road with Ceremony and Eagulls (England), Cro-Mags (Germany) and Reproach (France). Their last album was recorded with iconic producer Flemming Rasmussen – who worked with Metallica on their classic albums – in Denmark. The latest Toxic Shock LP TWENTYLASTCENTURY came out in November 2017 on This Charming Man Records. In 2019 they released a split tape with fellow Belgian ragers Reproach. That tape came out on cd in Japan in 2020. And a year later Loner Cult Records and Here and Now Records released the thing on a 10”. The third press of the split is on its way.

Violation of Trust

Violation of Trust, an Eindhoven (tne Netherlands) based hardcoreband, started in 1992, and had risen from the ashes of a band called Noise Reduction. After a few line-up changes, the band consisted of Marco Swaan (vocals), Koen van Horssen (guitar), Peter Trooster (guitar), Dirk van Stiphout (bass), and Sander van Baalen (drums/vocals).

In 1995 they recorded their debut demo, “Strike One”, which almost immediately earned them a contract with German label Lost&Found Records. Shortly after the release of their demo, Lost&Found released VOT’s first official call to arms, the “Forced To Fight” 7″. By this time, the band had already started playing large amounts of shows in (mainly the southpart of) the Netherlands, most of the time co-headlining shows with their brothers in Discipline, Backfire!, Tech-9, Right Direction, and Hard Resistance (all Lost&Found recording artists at that time as well). Because of personal reasons, Peter quit the band shortly thereafter. A new guitarplayer was quickly found in Freek Stemfoort, who had already been a longtime friend of the band.

In 1996, VOT released their first full-length album on L&F, called “Wiseguys”. The album was received prety well in the mags and zines, and earned them even more shows and a broader fanbase. 1998 saw the following up of “Wiseguys”, in the form of the 8-track album “Rhymes Of Redemption”, also released on Lost&Found. The following years were spent playing lots of venues and festivals (amongst them the prestigious Dynamo Open Air festival in Holland twice, The European Hardcore Parties editions 1 and 4, as well as The North Power Jam Fest in the Czech Republic).

Shortly before their breakup in 2000, VOT released a split 7″ with Dutch sleazerockers The Lovesteaks, on Ska-legend Mark Foggo’s Skanky L’Ill Records. Ever since their breakup, VOT has been playing several “reunion shows” almost every year, their last one having been at the infamous Eurocore Reunion Fest at the Dynamo club in Eindhoven, together with Tech-9, Right Direction, and Discipline.

Fri 22 Dec