Into The Shadow 3.0 [day 3]

16u / doom / sludge / stoner / space / acid and heavy psychedelic rock / uitverkocht

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We are thrilled to announce Into The Shadow 3.0, our very own homegrown festival celebrating the
almighty Riff! The saga continues, so get ready for an early start of your festivalseason again. This
year three days of doom, sludge, stoner, space, acid, and heavy psychedelic rock. Thursday we ignite
our mission into space with three kick-ass Dutch bands. Friday and Saturday we will be guided
through the Cosmos by an eclectic mix of bands that are way out there

Saturday 9 March 2024

Weltraum (DE)

A seven piece hailing from all over Germany. WELTRAUM is dedicated to bring us psychedelic and
spacerockjams. Rythmic, tribal and danceable jams with no obvious beginning or end, will take you to
far-flung places and beyond. Open up to their spirit, prepare for lift-off and you might be lucky enough
to forget about yourself for a while!

Djiin (FR)

DJIIN is a psychedelic stoner rock four piece from Rennes, composed by a guitarist, a bassist, a
drummer, and a powerful, charismatic and husky-voiced female singer and harpist Their name is
inspired by spirits and other beasts of the semitic beliefs and traditions. Influenced by 70’s progressive
rock and krautrock bands, doom scene and heavy rock from the glory days of the early Sabbath era.
They incorporate modern references based on the diversity between western and traditional eastern
sonorities in their sound and universe. The use of the electric harp in this “classic“ rock line-up gives
unique and surprising sonorities that accentuate the band’s mystic and ritualistic universe.

Paralyzed (DE)

A four piece hailing from Bamberg, city of beer. PARALYZED combines blues, hard and stoner rock
elements with compelling vocals and exhales the vibe of the 70’s hard rock era. The band is inspired
by 70’s giants like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Steppenwolf, Canned Heat and many
more. Paralyzed is a vintage steam roller you can’t escape from!

Have Blue (DE)

A three piece hailing from Berlin, laying down progressive punkrock jams with a healthy dose of
psychedelics and some jazz influences. Or one might call it heavy acid rock or psychedelic garage
rock. Do not try to pinpoint the genre of HAVE BLUE as you will miss out on the free spirit of their
music. Let’s keep it at supertight drums, hypnotic basslines and complex riffs topped with bluesy and
weathered vocals. For fans of Thee Oh Sees, Jimi Hendrikx and MC5.

Kozmotron (BE)

Gracing our festival for the third time in a row, we consider them our house band! KOZMOTRON is a
Belgian spacerock band on a misssion since earth year 2013. The sonic starcruiser Kozmotron was
groovily truckin along on its voyage beyond event horizon. It was just passing by an obscure body in
the SK system, referred to by the inhabitants as planet “Earth”, when for reasons unknown, the ship’s
diatonic propulsion unit suffered catastrophic failure The kozmonauts found themselves stranded on a
weird blue planet, without any means of phoning home. Support your local alien underground!
Kozmotron’s releases are of alien proportions and their gigs easily go beyond earthly dimensions of
time. They will bring some new tunes from their latest album “Beyond Event Horizon” to Tilburg.

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