Into The Shadow 3.0 [day 2]

16u / doom / sludge / stoner / space / acid and heavy psychedelic rock / uitverkocht

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We are thrilled to announce Into The Shadow 3.0, our very own homegrown festival celebrating the
almighty Riff! The saga continues, so get ready for an early start of your festivalseason again. This
year three days of doom, sludge, stoner, space, acid, and heavy psychedelic rock. Thursday we ignite
our mission into space with three kick-ass Dutch bands. Friday and Saturday we will be guided
through the Cosmos by an eclectic mix of bands that are way out there

Friday 8 March 2024

Yama (NL)

A very special reunion show in honour of the tenth anniversary of their sophomore album “Ananta”. It
won’t get anymore homegrown than YAMA, as the core of the band is hailing from Tilburg. High
energy heavy stonerdoom rock with haunting vocals. Listen to their trademark song “Hollow” with an
eerie bluesharp, a superb riff, excellent vocals and supertight and groovy bass ’n drums. Try to control
your headbanging because your neck muscles will be put to the test.

Mantra Machine (NL)

Interstellar fuzzed out instrumental psychedelic jams from beyond. MANTRA MACHINE is hailing from
Amsterdam. A three piece of seasoned musicians from the Dutch underground scene laying down
them psychedelic grooves. With the addition of their new bassplayer they have evolved into a
psychedelic beast and are once again ready to conquer the European stages and festivals.

Purple Dawn (DE)

Doom power trio from Cologne founded in early 2020. It’s always the balance between things. Hard
riffing energy and heart hitting melody. Good and bad, high and low, future and past and sometimes
far and beyond. That’s why PURPLE DAWN call their Music ”Peace & Doom”.
Heavily inspired by bands like Pentagram and Black Sabbath, Purple Dawn offers a blend of classic
Doom-Rock and modern Slow-Metal like Windhand, REZN or even Mastodon. In contrast to the
majority of the bands in the genre, Purple Dawn has a variety of styles in their songs. It’s like putting
on a Led Zeppelin record where no song sounds the same. Keep your eyes open and praise Iommi!

Speck (AU)

In late 2019, a concert slot in Vienna had to be filled on short notice. The three musicians were asked
to help out and play a jam set. The crowd loved it and asked for their band name. Thus SPECK was
born. Since then, the trio conquered many venues in Austria and abroad. Each live show is an
energetic and intense experience, carrying the suspense of the unexpected. Rumbling drums,
hypnotic bass lines, expressive guitar soli, heavy wah use, feedback noise, shifting frequencies.


Founded as a side project by Tank86 members Rogier Berben (drums) and Jochum van Weert
(bass/vocals), DUSKHEAD takes a more song-structured approach to the heavy rock and stoner
sound. After dropping 2 EPs and playing a few dozen shows in the Dutch underground in 2013 and
2014, the focus shifted back to Tank86 and DUSKHEAD went into hiatus.
Fast forward to 2024 and the band crashes onto the scene again. Recruiting the mighty Elmer Meijers
(The Grand Astoria, Blacktop) on guitar and vowing to add a more than healthy dose of fuzz to their
sound. They are gearing up to record their heaviest album yet and to bring their particular brand of
catchy stoner outings to stages everywhere. The sun is setting and DUSKHEAD is coming. Get ready
to fuzz out hard!

DJ Cosmic Masseur