Ill Trusted & Serotonia

20.30u / groove metal / metalcore / gratis

 Ill Trusted

Ill Trusted is a Dutch metal band from around Tilburg. Five guys whom bring a lot of enthousiasm with them. After only a few years they now show a lot of potential, whith every show they play they bring more enthousiasm and power to it, which leaves the audience stoked every time they play.

Influenced by the American and European metal music they create a lot of diversity in their music, ending in a lot of sore neckmussles the next day. The power of the band is found in the dynamic, yet sometimes chaotic drums which is perfectly fine tuned with the melodic yet fierce guitar riffs. A pumping bass and long schredding vocals define this band to a unique repertiore of songs which are melodic and groovey. The performance of each song shows that they know what they want to do with their music and they always try to strife for more growth, quality and contents of their music.

Playing across the Netherlands they show their enthousiasm every time, but also that they are working hard on the future of the band. Most people who watched them play state that this band has a lot of potential.

With the first release “Conflict” (2013) they have given a good impression what their music is about and with the long expected EP “Fractures of a Scattered Mind” (release: March 15th 2015) they are showing they are evolving to the next level. This release will be groundbreaking and probably take them further into the metal scene.

Keep an eye out for these guys!



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A metal core band from The Netherlands. Founded in 2018 it is our goal to create vibrant music that is available and reachable to all kinds of audiences.

We take great pride to have influences from bands like As I Lay Dying, Periphery and In Flames. Our records are melodic, include screams, growls and clean vocals, heavy drum work and technical guitar play styles. We

consist of five members with all different characters and personalities.

We combine these differences in our writing and playing process.

Though we label ourselves as metal core, we try to stay creative and experiment with new ideas.

Not every song will fit the description perfectly… But what does in life?

We are Serotonia