Carnosus (SWE) + Necrotesque + Von Mollestein

19.30 | old school | death metal | gratis


CARNOSUS, from Örebro, Sweden, was formed in 2011 with the simple intention of creating heavy music together in school. The members of CARNOSUS bring in different influences to the band’s death metal sound, including technical melodic death metal, thrash, progressive metal and a hint of black metal.

Since the release of their 2015 EP ‘The Universal Culmination,” and their 2020 debut “Dogma Of The Deceased,” their sound has grown to highlight more of their influences. The second full length album, “Visions of Infinihility,” continues to integrate these influences further while providing brutal groove and fast riffs.


The Dutch band Necrotesque; a composition of the words “necrotic” and “grotesque”, was founded in the spring of 2021. Arjan Jansen (Into The Arcane, ex-Dead End, ex-Prima Nocte, ex-Myosotis) and Dave Blummel (Into The Arcane, ex-Shakin’ Stars) had a common urge to play uncompromising Death Metal and wanted to shape this by starting a new band.

The guitar parts were ready, the band name had been in the back of the frontman’s Jansen mind for years. We sat down and the visual concept was fully thought out. The only thing that Jansen and Blummel had to do was find suitable people to complete the band. This had happened soon enough.

In Harald Bouten (Pictura Poesis, Daemonos, ex-Dead End, Into The Arcane), a drummer with whom Jansen and Blummel have been friends for many years, the first addition of Necrotesque was found. Finally, Lodewijk van Doorn (ex-Plague) completed the line-up with his deep low grunts.

Necrotesque is Death Metal. Just Death Metal! With musicians who have a combined background in Death metal, Doom, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Black Metal and Thrash, the result is groovy and swinging. No unnecessary fuss, guitar solos or breakdowns. Straightforward chainsaw metal to go wild in the moshpit. Inspired by bands like Grave, Bolt Thrower, Asphyx and Entombed.

Necrotesque is: – Lodewijk van Doorn / vocals – Arjan Jansen / guitar – Dave Blummel / bass – Harald Bouten / drums

Von Mollestein

Von Mollestein can best be described as “Aggrotech – black metal” or ‘AggroBlack’. Their music incorporates both pure Aggrotech beats and industrial compositions blended with fast unapologetic ( black) metal riffs. Dunkelwalt functions as the brain behind the project taking on guitar, keyboard and production duties while Mr.Cooger provides the ice melting screams and grunts. In 2020 bassist Dr. West was added to the nightmare and turned Von Mollestein into a killing machine. Greatly influenced by the work of Clive Barker (specially Hellraiser and the cenobites) and horror literature and movies. Von Mollestein delivers a raw and frightening experience with a great focus on visuals sometimes described as “gesamtkunstwerk”. Von Mollestein promise to you is to provide a different kind of night where fast raw music and chilling horror attributes are the focus…be warned, they always deliver.

!Get ready for your worst nightmare…..and join the people of the Fist!

FACTS Von Mollestein was formed in the spring of 2019. Von Mollestein is originated in Nijmegen the Netherlands

PERSONEL Dunkelwalt Immerkalt: Keyboard/Sampler/Guitar Past bands: HOER, Helldriver, Klont, Xtort Mr. Cooger: Grunts/Screams Past bands: El Primo Hermano de Satán, 1,2-many Dr. West: Bazzguitar