Zwart + Faal + Bad Omen

20u / dark metal / doommetal / postrock / blackmetal / €5,-


ZWART (Dutch for BLACK) emerged in 2019 as the musical and spiritual expression of its members.
Using elements of black, doom and atmospheric metal, they paint a grey and bleak picture of the world around them.
ZWART`s music comes from deep within the soul of its creators, spinning personal beliefs and emotions.


FAAL was founded in 2005 in the south of the Netherlands. The band’s music is influenced by doom-metal, with touches of black-metal and post-rock. Their first album “Abhorrence-Salvation” was released in 2008 at Ván Records. This album received many good reviews, which resulted in a sold out first printing. In 2011 FAAL went back to the studio to record their second full-length called “The clouds are burning”. In 2015 they recorded a split with Eye of Solitude (UK), which was received with great enthusiasm. In 2017 the band headed back to the studio where they are currently recording their third full-length album. Beside their recordings, they’ve also built a good live reputation and shared stages with names such as Ataraxie, Isole, Forgotten Tomb, The Ocean, October Tide and Mourning Beloveth. 

Bad Omen