Waarom Niet? + BHPL

20u / Satanic Pulp Party / open feest / gratis

Waarom Niet?

De een noemt het een uit de hand gelopen grap, de ander typeert Waarom Niet? meer als auditieve diarree. Maar laten we het een ‘eigen geluid’ noemen!
De garantie die je hebt is dat Waarom Niet? een feestje komt bouwen op 15 oktober. Wat je kunt verwachten? Dance, Polka, Elektro, Slechte Ballads, dnb verpakt in FEEST!


BPHL began its life in late 202019 as a means to make music in the restrictive environment of a global pandemic. With both members having a history of playing in various hardcore and metal bands, as well as having a shared interest in dark electronic music, the idea of forming a new project was born.

With influences ranging from DAF to Swans, and the name BHPL referring to a tragic gas leak disaster in India, the duo locked itself into a room full of synthesizers to create a new soundtrack to listen to while watching the world slowly turn into a cesspool of depravity.

Being fascinated by the gas leak disaster in Bhopal, a tragic and unknown episode in human history, M started writing lyrics on this dazzling display of human failure and its appalling aftermath.
BJ made the soundtrack for the first EP, providing 5 gritty, synth-driven tracks somewhere in between acid, techno and EBM. M’s rough and screaming vocals add an extra layer of energy, adding depth to BHPL’s debut EP.