Tysondog (UK)

21.30u / NWOBHM / presented by HB Concerts / € 10,-


hail from Newcastle in the UK, established in 1982 during the NWOBHM boom and signed to Neat records in 1984, Tysondog grew in popularity as a heavy metal band giving them the name and status they truely deserved

Of all the New Wave of British Heavy Metal hopefuls to sign with Neat Records in the early ’80s, Wallsend, England’s Tysondog were among the most mindful of commercial metal trends, but like most of their labelmates, widespread success would elude them in the end. Alan Hunter (guitar/vocals), Paul Burdis (guitar), and Kevin Wynn (bass) were all bit players in northern England’s highly incestuous but vibrant club scene when they formed the axis of what would become Tysondog (initially using the name “Orchrist“) around 1982.  the new group signed with nearby metal label Neat, secured the services of singer Clutch Carruthers and drummer Peter Reeve, and proceeded to record their first single, “Eat the Rich,” in 1983.
Things seemed to be back on track for Tysondog, but much of their building momentum would soon to be squandered when Carruthers was sidelined by a serious car crash, and his resulting health issues.
Tysondog regrouped again in 2008 and after a few years passed seen the departure of Rob Walker on drums and Alan Hunter on Guitar, they were  replaced by Philip Brewis and Steven Morrison, then in 2022 the replacement for clutch became Alan Ross.
Alan is a great vocalist and guitarist, he has slotted into the band with easy and already pitching in with great ideas , feels like he’s been with us forever.

From Alan
I’m so glad to be part of the TysonDog family and look forward to playing live for all our diehard fans.
The guys have been super welcoming, making me feel like I’ve been part of the band for years.
All the best to Clutch, I’ll do my best to make you proud. 

Tysondog are proud to announce that not only have we the amazing Alan Ross as Tysondog’s frontman but we have signed a deal with the newborn Danish label From The Vaults (www.fromthevaults.dk), a traditional record company specializing in heavy metal including NWOBHM

Part of Target Group Denmark, the label will help us take Tysondog further than ever before !!

From The Vaults will release our upcoming, 4th studio album and we can’t wait for you to hear it . . It’s been a long time in the making and we are ready to return with even more bite !!

We are now part of the label’s roster and we are looking forward to a great relationship for years to come !!

Thanks for your support as always !!!