Switch Bones

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Switch Bones

Is it grunge? Is it punk? It might be grungepunk..

Switch Bones is a Dutch grungepunk trio. The band combines catchy pop melodies with a heavy guitar-driven sound, influenced by bands like Nirvana, Melvins and Queens of the Stone Age and consists of Erik van Haaren (vocals/guitar), Marjolijn Nestelaar (bass/vocals) and Geert Teekens (drums/vocals). The band was founded in 2016 and has done a great deal of rocking since then. They released an EP and a full length album, played many festival and clubs shows, including Zwarte Cross festival, a successful Popronde tour and a tour through Scotland. The single ‘Sunday Morning’ has been on steady rotation on Dutch national radio station 3FM. The sky is the limit and the beef is at the bottom!

Herman Hofman, DJ at 3FM, one of Holland’s biggest national radio stations, caught on early and wrote this about their debut EP:

“ It’s banging and blowing, but the hooks, vocal harmonies and guitar sound always stay breezy, which I think is really well done. Switch Bones sogs and viles in a dark cave, but eats a fresh salad afterwards, because that’s healthier. ”

The band members gained experience in bands like Undeclinable
Ambuscade, One in a Million, Cooper, The Laura Palmer Effect and BluefisH. When songwriter Erik uploaded a song to his YouTube account every day for a year, it drew the attention of Geert. He got in touch with Erik and together they selected the most heavy and catchy tunes out of these 365 songs. This selection marked the start of Switch Bones. The band has vastly established an excellent live reputation and is out for more. Much more, señor!

Erik van Haaren – guitar, lead vocals
Marjolijn Nestelaar – bass, backing vocals
Geert Teekens – drums, backing vocals