Sunken (DK) + Deathless Void + Ultima Necat (BE)

16:00u | atmospheric | black metal | 10,-


Danish atmospheric black metal band SUNKEN have been unfolding their dark, melancholic and depressive soundscapes and ethereal melodies on the European scene since 2012.

From the debut EP “The Crackling of Embers” released in 2013, through the long-awaited debut full-length record “Departure” from 2017, Sunken have continuously expanded and developed their sound, culminating in the band’s most intense, thorough, and honest album to date; “Livslede” from 2020 released through Berlin-based Vendetta Records. The record unfolds a beautiful, sorrowful and extremely personal universe; an emotional journey through anxiety, self-hatred and hopelessness.

Besides having played shows with acclaimed bands suchs as Ultha (DE), Deafheaven (US), Wolves In The Throne Room (US), Gaahls Wyrd (NO), Winterfylleth (UK), Saor (UK) and Afsky (DK) among others, the band have toured Europe extensively and is a staple headliner in Denmark.

The show at Little Devil will be the band’s very first appearance in the Netherlands. With them for this show will be Deathless Void providing excellent support.




Ultima Necat