Sunburn Surf Fest

18u / scorching hot surf music / €12,50

Sunburn Surf Fest

It doesn’t matter whether you associate surf music with the Southern
Californian beaches of the early 60s, the absurd crime and violence of
Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction or perhaps with the James Bond theme even. Surf
music is simply too cool to care.
So put on your hippest aloha shirt and come over for some scorching hot
surf bands!

The Krontjong Devil

Straight from ‘Surf City Groningen’, a name borrowed from a broadcast of
the late TV program Lola Da Musica, the Krontjong Devils have been
throwing some marvellous instrumental surf music over the years. All
following the recipe: sun, sea, Southern California and Dick Dale. And
yet, there’s no pigeonholing the K-Devils!

The Wave Chargers

These four rock n’ rollers have been involved in the Parisian
underground scene since 2015, giving a fashionable spin to authentic
surf music. The dexterity of their guitar-playing and their wild live
shows, often including a skilled go-go dancer, have brought them to
notorious stages, opening for artists including The Flamin’ Groovies,
The’s or King Khan & the Shrines.
Beware, there may be some go-go dancing involved.

Baríton Loco

Baríton Loco brings the rawness and finesse back from the instrumental
50s and 60s and don’t try to hide their history in the heavier music
genres. Think of the sound of Link Wray, the attitude of The Cramps and
the class of Mancini.
Not for the faint of heart!

The Malbehavers

From the beaches of Tilburg, these locals like to throw a sonic beach
party, inspired by their surf heroes. Instrumental surf music from the
days when ponytails were still worn high on the head, swimming trunks
were still fitting tight around the scrotum, and when you could still
shamelessly shake your hips on the dance floor.