[SOLD OUT] Into The Shadow 2.0

16.15u / doom / sluge / stoner / heavy psychedelic rock / sold out

Back by popular demand, and next level! Our very own homegrown festival celebrating the almighty Riff. Two days of doom, sludge, stoner, space, acid, and heavy psychedelic rock. Friday we ignite our mission into space with 3 powerful bands and Saturday we will be guided through the galaxy by 5 bands that are way out there.

Saturday 11 March 2023:
Giöbia (IT) + Plainride (DE) + Slowshine (DE) + Baklawai (NL) + Kozmotron (BE)

Giöbia (IT)

The mystical day 60s rock met neopsychedelic rock mixing up to the point of losing consciousness of their own essence, in an overwhelming and incessant soundtrack with an unmistakable Italian taste, that’s when Giöbia’s acid rock was born. In a vortex that leaves no way out, the unique melodies of this quartet take the listener into a world where the boundaries of reality are no longer defined and anything can ever happen.

After their debut in 2009 with ‘Hard Stories’, the band firmly established itself in 2013 with ‘Introducing
Night Sounds’, which suddenly brought them to the most important stages of Europe. In 2016 the
milestone ‘The Magnifier’ assigned them a place among the most influential bands of the scene.

Unable to stop in front of any challenge, Giöbia decided to go on astonishing their audience again finally forging ‘Plasmatic Idol’, which saw the light in 2020 via Heavy Psych Sounds. With this last work, Giöbia were reconfirmed the forefathers of a genre that fascinates and amazes anyone who dare to leave themselves behind without fear of never returning.

Plainride (DE)

Founded in Cologne in 2013, Plainride have slowly but steadily established themselves as one of the rising stars of Germany’s Heavy Rock underground. Never quite belonging to either the retro Stoner- nor the modern Hard Rock clique, the band has garnered a reputation for their sweat-drenched, high octane live shows. Hailed by some as the German response to Clutch, Plainride’s songs frequently feature cryptic mythological references and fierce social criticism – wrapped in catchy riffs and big choruses reminiscent of Heavy Rock greats like Monster Magnet and Orange Goblin.

Having unleashed their ferocious debut “Return Of The Jackalope” as a DIY-effort and to critical acclaim in 2015,Plainride quickly caught the attention of California-based underground label Ripple Music (Mothership, Wo Fat, Wino), who signed the band for a re-release in 2016. Their 2018 sophomore album,“Life On Ares” helped catapult the band onto stages at Wacken and in support of Stoner Rock legends Fu Manchu, adding to Plainride’s ever-growing list of high-caliber support slots.

With Plainride-classic “Devil At Your Heels” racking up hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify’s Stoner Rock editorial playlist, the band scored an invitation to heavy underground cult gathering Maryland Doom Fest in 2020. Then came COVID! Plainride, however, don’t do setbacks and hit the road,with their new, self-titled album sounding bigger, more confident, and more adventurous than ever before.Their mission to put Germany back on the international Rock ‘n’ Roll map continued, amongst others at Desertfest Antwerp 2022.

Slowshine (DE)

Heavy psychedelic doomsters from Berlin recorded their debut album the “Living Light” in four live sessions whilst treating themselves on pizza and good italian wine. Intended as jamsessions with no concrete notion of what the outcome should be like, the band soon realised that they were on to something amazing. Listening to their warm and fuzzy sound one might wonder what kind of herbs were on them pizza’s.

With a truly time-spanning blend of 70s and 90s vibes ‘Living Light’ looks to offer something both fresh and familiar and manages to immerse the listener in a magnetic field in which psychedelia manages to expand the mind of the listener, caressing, seducing and drugging him. A cell from which any psychedelic lover will never want to escape.

Baklawai (NL)

Heavy riffs, filthy bass lines and slick fills that’s what Baklawai from Eindhoven is all about. With influences from hardrock, psychedelic stoner and punk they play high voltage, loud and brutal rock ‘n roll. Three guys that put the pedal to the metal and drag you into the pit. Their motto is: let’s party like there is no tomorrow and never mind the inevitable hangover.

P.S. entrance at your own risk

Kozmotron (BE)

The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is 42. Support your local alien underground and bring your hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy! Kozmotron is a Belgian spacerock band on a misssion since earth year 2013. Their spaceship has crashed on planet earth and is irreparably damaged so they are stranded in our galaxy. Their extraterrestially good spacerock transcends space and time and seduces earthlings to experience astral travelling.

Their releases are of alien proportions and their gigs easily go beyond earthly dimensions of time. The ones who were lucky enough to experience Kozmotron have achieved a higher level of awareness and consciousness.