Shuulak + Splinterbomb

21u / heavy metal / groove thrash metal / gratis


SHUULAK is a Dutch Metal band whose otherworldly songs explore man’s obsession with things that would only destroy him. Unfettered by trends and uncompromising in its pursuit of excellence; their music stands as a testament to the undying power of heavy metal.

Eyes aglow with the fires of creation, SHUULAK – Eve (lead guitar), Maickel (rhythm guitar), Riccardo (bass), Angelo (drums) and Bastiën (vocals) – fervently stoke its flames.

In 2014 a friendship formed during previous musical collaborations lays the foundation for what’s to be SHUULAK. A shared, deep-rooted interest in alchemy and the occult provides fertile ground for inspiration. Constantly challenging themselves, the bands members hone their craft. Either refining or discarding what holds them back, nothing is deemed sacred in making their vision a reality. Drawing from experience, the band does its own recording, photography and visual design.

In 2017 the band releases a EP titled ‘Nigredo’, a concept signifying the first step in the alchemist’s Magnum opus. Its songs are a collection of tales telling of humanity’s desire for greatness inevitably ending in madness and depravity.


From the start in 2014 Splinterbomb grew from a noisy newcomer to an international performing band with the reputation to be strong and intense on stage.
Since the release of the first EP ‘Capital S’, and one year later the single ‘Confess’, their groove metal became more dynamic, tight and especially much heavier.
March 2019 marks the release of a second EP, titled ‘Rage to Rise’. At In The Room studio the guys went through an inspiring recording process, resulting in six new songs, all representing the musical key values of the band: pounding rhythms, wall tearing riffs and catchy melodies.
Thrash metal, hardcore, death- and doommetal are the most significant influences the band combines to create a surprisingly fresh sound in these times of musical saturation.

The four-piece takes many stages by storm since late 2015 and played dozens of shows as well in their homecountry the Netherlands as in in Belgium, Germany and to their own surprise on the Slovenian MetalDay Festival in summer 2018.
Except striving to visit and play as many places as possible, Splinterbomb is also active in organising shows, such a yearly event in their hometown ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Early 2018 bass player Michel Dappers joined this driven orchestra. His many years of experience in heavy music provides in a sound and attitude steady as a rock.
Jordy van der Sluijs also proves to be an important cornerstone in the formation of the band’s heavy groove. With his hardrock oriented style he lays down a firm base for Splinterbomb sonic violence.
The man with the microphone answers to the name Michel van Bijnen. Besides a characteristic thundering roar he also displays a powerful melodic style of singing.
Guitarist Hein Willekens leaves nothing to the imagination: no-compromise, chopping aggression is his specialty. His years as Legion of the Damned’s live-guitarist obviously contributed to that raging but defined playing, but in recent years he seems to have found even an extra power mode, in which wild and harsh riffs form a balanced contrast with a strong atmosphere.
Also sound technician Tiemco Nelissen is more than just involved in the development of the ‘in-your-face sound’ of the band. This great teamwork works out well and gives a little extra to the live shows.

Splinterbomb is hungry, and this beast both barks and bites…
‘Do you think you can handle us? Come and get it, punk!’