Luce Vee Memorial show with King Heavy (CHL) + VIIHB

20.15u / Luce Vee memorial show / metal / doom / presents by: Vitus-Frank / €7,50

Luce Vee Memorial show

King Heavy

King Heavy was intiated on the spot in 2005 when Luce (vocals) and Daniel (Bass) met at the Doom Shall Rise festival.The encounter of Daniel with Matias (Guitars) and Miguel (Drums) in 2012 let the formation of a real band. Finally the ideas and riffs were put in real arrangements during rehearsals. Mid 2013 the Four Kings Of Doom recorded their debut EP “Horror Absoluto”.


(pronounced Seven Houses Burn) is a heavy doom metal band. Formed in 2018 in the swamps of the southwest of Holland by musicians one can affiliate to Hooded Priest and other devious outfits…

Its safer for you to follow and rejoice in this new order. You have been marked……