Lost InSanity + Yesterday’s News + The Jimi Hendrix Tribute Band + Spencer-Singer

19.30u / (hard)rock covers / punk rock / Spencer’s birthday party / openfeest / gratis

Lost InSanity

In the current formation L.I.S. exists 8 years.
They played with bands as, Vengeance, Girlschool and Blaze Bayley all over Europe.
L.I.S. play ‘s timeless originals. And catchy 80’s and 90’s rock covers.
Music to the ears and,,, eyes with a kick ass show to match!!!

Yesterday’s News

Yesterday’s News is a 5-piece Poppunk/Punkrock band from Tilburg, Netherlands. They’re a mix of oldschool punkrock with newschool poppunk and an out of the box mindset.