Kev Riddles’ Baphomet (UK) + Tytan (UK)

20u / N.W.O.B.H.M / heavy metal / presented by MMM / €10

Kev Riddles’ Baphomet

Kev ‘skidz’ Riddles was an original member of Angel Witch, involved in the conception and recording of the first classic album “Angel Witch” and other material (until leaving in 1982 to form Tytan) There at the beginning of the movement now called N.W.O.B.H.M and gigs in the Music Machine, The Marquee and Band Wagon.
The Band was formed in May 2021 to revisit the idea of gigging the 1st iconic Angel Witch album and tracks from Riddles era with the band, (1977 – 82,) staying true to the original old school sound.
Commencing gigs in December 2021 with a packed out debut show at The Dev in Camden, announcing Tony Coldham (Tytan/The Deep) as Vocalist on the night. Chris Borsberry (Medicine Hat/Swamp Truck) joined the line up in January, after Peter Welsh stepped down following the debut gig.
The band commenced a first series of gigs and festivals, including Blast from The Past, Headbanger’s Open Air, Metal Maniacs festival, British Steel Festival and Keep It True Rising 2…. a great beginning and are continuing to add to their schedule.
Kev Riddles’ Baphomet are:
BASS : Kev “Skidz” Riddles (original member of Angel Witch/Tytan/Paul Samsons Empire)
VOCALS : Tony Coldham (Tytan/The Deep)
GUITAR : Chris Borsberry (Medicine Hat/Swamp Truck)
DRUMS: Magpie (Mournblade/Magpie/Satans Empire)


TYTAN are a British Heavy Metal band, considered part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, known for their heavy driving riffs overlaid with epic melodic vocals. Formed in 1981 by the original Angel Witch bassist Kevin Riddles and drummer Dave Dufort, vocalist Norman ‘Kal’ Swan, and guitarists Steve Gibbs and Stuart Adams.
Signed to Kamaflage Records, Tytan recorded their 1st album at Ramport Studios in Battersea with Will Reid-Dick. Former Judas Priest drummer Les Binks played as session drummer only for the recording. The band joined Tygers of Pan Tang October 1982 UK tour.
Kamaflage folded before an album could be released, but the single ‘Blind Men and Fools’ released in both 7″ and 12″ formats in September 1982, before the band split up the following year.
In 1985, London-based label Metal Masters released the “Rough Justice” LP, a Japanese CD bootleg followed in the early 1990s; Majestic Rock Records gave a official CD re-issue in 2004 & 2006, with four BBC ‘Friday Rock Show’ session tracks (‘Cold Bitch’, ‘The Watcher’, ‘Far Side of Destiny’ & ‘Blind Men and Fools’) a live DVD was added as bonus on the second edition.
Invited to reform for Keep It True XV Festival, Germany in 2012, saw the original TYTAN members (Kevin Riddles, Steve Mann and Steve Gibbs) played with a revised line-up; vocalist/guitarist Tom Barna, Andy Thompson on keyboards and ex Angel Witch drummer Andrew Prestidge. The band decided to keep performing after the success of the KIT show.
In 2016, after Headbangers Open Air in Germany, the band recorded a follow up album to “Rough Justice” with the late Chris Tsangarides, “Justice Served”, was released on High Roller Records in May 2017.
TYTAN, after a few line up changes, continue to tour, playing British and European festivals notably Keep It True Rising 2 in 2022. Tytan were also guesting on the Girlschool and Alcatrazz UK tour to rave reviews.
Currently the band are working on a third album, expected during 2023.
Tytan are;
Vocals : TONY COLDHAM (The Deep/Kev Riddles Baphomet)
Bass : KEVIN RIDDLES (Kev Riddles Baphomet/Angel witch)
Keyboard : ANDY THOMPSON (Zoltan)
Drums : GARRY “MAGPIE” BOWLER (Mournblade/KR Baphomet/Satans Empire)
Guitar : CHRIS BORSBERRY (Medicine Hat/Swamptruck)