Ill Trusted + Cremation (CH) + Evil Oath

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Ill Trusted

Ill Trusted is a Dutch metal band from Tilburg consisting of five guys whom bring a lot of enthousiasm with them. After only a few years they already show a lot of potential in the metal music industry. The audience craves for more after every show. “The picture is right, the feeling of the band radiates from the stage, hungry for more” states

Influenced by American (Lamb of God, Chimaira) and European (Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth) metal bands they found a way to create a lot of diversity in their music, resulting in a lot of sore neckmussles the next day. The power of the band lies in the dynamic, yet sometimes chaotic drums which is perfectly tuned with the melodic yet fierce guitar riffs. A pumping bass and long schredding vocals define this band with a unique repertiore of songs which are melodic and groovy. They’re always giving the best in their live performance as well as the development of the band shows these guys have a lot of potential.

The first release ‘Conflict’ (2013) gave a good impression of what the band and their music is about, high tempo music with grunts. With the latest EP ‘Fractures of a Scattered Mind’ (March, 2015), recorded at Final Focus Studio (Textures & Exivious), the band shows that it has made the next step. They show groundbreaking improvement and with that you can expect that they will come a long way!


Cremation stand since 1992 for independent, technical and groovy Valais Death Metal from Switzerland! The early ’90s were the epitome of classic Death Metal, where the band felt comfortable and let off steam. The variety of the Swiss underground scene was manageable and the opportunity for numerous concerts in Switzerland. Thanks to these concerts and the many feedbacks from the audience, Cremation urged to record their first longplayer “Ignis” 1999 in the old style, namely analogue! With the first record in the luggage Cremation gave many shows with inter-. and national bands.

The uniformity of concerts was a new incentive to the second album “Grotesque Humanity”, which was launched in 2002 and was received enthusiastically by the audience. This continuous demand for the band took it toll. Crew changes were inevitable. Fortunately, Cremation quickly found the right musicians, who fired up the band optimally and explosively!

With the first appearance at the Open Air Gampel in the year 2005 Cremation recorded another climax. In the same year Cremation toured Germany for the first time.

In 2007, on its 15th anniversary, Cremation released their first DVD “Burn the Dead”, which was recorded live at the Moshpit Club in Naters. Gigs with Testament, Cephlic Carnage, Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Grave and many international and national bands, has led to countless shows and festivals at home and abroad. In 2001, 2006 and 2011 Cremation played on the legendary “Mountains of Death”, an unforgettable festival that will probably remain unattainable!

In the summer of 2012 Cremation presented their third album “Rise of the Phoenix”. 11 brutal songs, technically and in one piece, with a great feeling for detail. This year was Cremation for the second time at the Open Air Gampel, Meh Suff Festival, Deserted Valley Metalday and other festivals. In the same year, Cremation showed their 20th Anniversary with Death Legends Grave from Sweden. A festival that Grave had never experienced before!

In 2014, the band toured Europe for the first time for ten days. Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Holland were the destinations. With Resurrection, Fleshdoll and Downfall you merged with the right companions. An eventful experience that pushed the band to write new songs.

Unexpectedly, Cremation toured with US Doom Metal icons YOB in September 2016, where they supported all Germany shows. On board was the Slugde Power Duo Black Cobra, which acted as the perfect interface between the bands. For Cremation, this was a memorable and impressive time, immensely grateful to have been a part of this tour!

In early 2016, Cremation started recording the new double album. As with the previous CDs, the band produced everything on its own. Only the mastering was refined by the legend Alan Douches befitting and pushed with the necessary pressure! “In the Maelstrom of Time” and “The Art of Recycling Cold Ashes”.

At the beginning of august 2017 Cremation starts the concert tour through Switzerland. At the following festivals Cremation could express her passion; Deserted Valley Metalday, Earl Club Tribute M.O.D., Meh Suff Festival among others with bands like Napalm Death, Carcass, Memoriam, Mayhem, Annihilator and many other brilliant bands.

The highlight was Cremation in September 2017, where the double album in Moshpit Club was duly baptized. Supported by numerous top Swiss Metal greats such as Carnal Decay, Requiem, Embalming Theater, Shadow’s Far, Disparaged, Omophagia, Defaced, Pandemic Death and Frigority. In addition, two international bands are at the start, giving the festival a touch of “Back to the Roots”, Entombed A.D. and Sinister! This anniversary festival was an important milestone for Cremation and has been classified as a top event throughout Switzerland!

Higlight 2018: Las Vegas Death Fest X

Cremation has been known for 25 years for their intense, impressive and powerful live shows! The oldest active Death Metal band in Switzerland, an integral part of the Swiss scene.

Evil Oath

Forged with the stench and the unholy spark, deep in the lowest depths of the archaic where the sun can’t reach, a Parchment has been written to represent the speech and the oath of the Dark Lord.

The Parchment, containing the twisted characters that should have been spoken by the Dark Lord, was to cast out faith and religion from the spirit and mind of humanity. Before the darkest day arrived, a path to this sinister plan was taken. In order to succeed, the great majesty called forth the darkest mages assigned by grim to ensure the success of this deed.

In 1666 during the Great Fire in London on planet Earth, people believed that the prisons of the inferno became overfull. They said it’s hell on earth! But this event was the cause of a tenebris spell that has been casted by the Nocturnal Mages of the first province of the infernum.

In occasion to this event, a gateway was created to connect the two realms, in order to spread the plague and the decease created by the poisoned blood of the fallen angel Lucifer. And to ensure that the diabolic speech would finally reach the ears of humanity. During this event the Parchment was brought to Earth by the horrible messengers. These keepers of the grim document lost what they were to preserve. After the closure of the tenebris vortex the Parchment got lost.

Those who would find the Parchment and can decipher its contents would be able to spread Sathanas diabolical and cleansing speech. They would be able to spread Sathanas speech known as… the EVIL OATH