Highway Chile/Helloïse

19.30u / heavy rock / pres. by MMM / vvk €12,50 door €16,-

Tonight a Exclusive Highway Chile / Helloïse set

Highway Chile

Highway Chile, who were one of the first Dutch heavy rock bands in the early eighties, are still going strong in 2020.


Highway Chile originally made the headlines between 1980 and 1985. They released several popular albums such as Storybook Heroes (1983) and Fever (1984). In those years they toured intensively and shared the stage with big international acts like Motörhead, Whitesnake, Michael Schenker, Accept and Y&T. One of Highway Chile’s closest fans was famous DJ Alfred Lagarde (†), who eventually also produced the Storybook Heroes album. Along with Picture, Helloïse, Bodine, Vengeance and Vandenberg, Highway Chile were at the top of the Dutch heavy rock scene in the eighties.
In 1984 the original Highway Chile line-up fell apart. Some members continued on as Highway Chile, while Ernst van Ee and Ben Blaauw left to form Helloïse. Highway Chile lasted for one more year with some new members. Helloïse became even more famous but disappeared from the Dutch rock scene in 1989.


During 2002 the reformed band toured all over The Netherlands again and made a live recording which was released on CD, appropriately entitled “On The Road Again”. It features lead vocalist Robert Soeterboek and guitar virtuoso Attila Szabo (both were replaced in 2003). The response following this tour was so overwhelmingly positive that the band decided to continue and work on new songs. With guitarist Gert Nijboer and vocalist Stan Verbraak (well known from Helloïse) they recorded a new album entitled ”Keeper of the earth” (2008).
Soon after that bass player Marchell Remeeus (ex-Helloïse) joined the band, and in 2020 original Highway Chile guitarist Ben Blaauw rejoined to replace Gert.
The band has performend with a whisky barrel on stage, which undergoes “live metal infusion” with classic rock and audience participation. Drummer Ernst van Ee unfortunately left the band in the summer of 2022.
As Alfred Lagarde (also a whisky fan) used to say: “Rock and Roll is better than music……..and Highway Chile rocks…….” to which we add: “Still going strong in 2023 with their own Metal Infused Whisky”.

Highway Chile