[POSTPONED] Hemelbestormer + Dystopia

19u / post-rock / sludge / ambient / doom and black metal / entree € 8,50 (vvk), € 10,- (door)

Door de nieuwe aangekondigde maatregelen van het kabinet kunnen er vanaf 13 nov helaas geen concerten georganiseerd worden in Little Devil,

‘Bewaar je ticket, geniet later’.

Alle ticket kopers ontvangen zo spoedig mogelijk een e-mail met meer informatie over het verzetten of annuleren van je show. Als er een vervangende datum komt, blijven de gekochte tickets geldig
Mocht u toch verhinderd zijn of niet kunnen op de vervangende datum word het geld terug gestort op uw rekening. Neem hierover aub contact op via info@littledevil.nl


Sunday 21 November 2021 Black Holes will collide as Hemelbestormer will officially presents their 3rd full album, to be release by Ván Records!


is a Dutch word which can be literally translated as “stormer of heaven”, but is given to those with revolutionary minds and idealists. Since 2012 Hemelbestormer opens the doors to a new universe and shout out a mix of various genres, whether it is post-rock, sludge, ambient, doom andblack metal, combined to an instrumental light-dark balanced whole.
The Hemelbestormer sigil is marked on various places in Europe. They aim for quality, not quantity. With minimalisticlights and entrancing spaceprojections, each show feels like being sucked into a black hole.
Live highlights: Roadburn, Desertfest, Graspop Metal Meeting, House Of The Holy/Funkenflug, Void Fest, Dunk!Fest, Dome Of Rock, Alcatraz, Northern Discomfort, Dark Bombastic Evening, Ieperfest, ArcTanGent..


is a black metal band from the Netherlands (North Holland), that came into existence in 2012, now being in the aftermath of releasing their third full studio album, ‘Geen weg uit’ and signing with record label Wolves of Hades.
Blending the the well known with some unique and personal elements, aggressive riffing combined with the atmospheric, progressing into slower soundscapes as well as including some psychedelic aspects, and even brass music is prominently present, all in all creating a deeply melancholic atmosphere.
Dystopia played live at Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Roadburn and Black Ritual, among other locations.