[Geannuleerd] Grindpad + Brutal Sphincter + Fabulous Desaster + Prickrott

18:30u / thrash metal / grind / Pim’s 28th birthday party! / open feest / gratis


Overheid en RIVM hebben bepaald dat bijeenkomsten van meer dan 100 personen verboden zijn. Wij kunnen dus helaas niet anders dan alle activiteiten die in de concertzaal van Little Devil gepland staan tot aan 31 maart te cancelen. Bands, organisatoren en boekers zijn of worden op dit moment op de hoogte gesteld.

Ons café blijft op de normale openingstijden geopend, maar de zaal achterin zal gesloten zijn. We houden iedereen op de hoogte over verdere ontwikkelingen.

Grindpad (Thrash Metal)

One of the best Thrash metal bands from The Netherlands! They Always bring a big party! Expect fast and aggressive riffs! And ALLOT of sharks!

Brutal Sphincter (Goregrind)

Goregrind from Belguim! Brutal Sphincter brings a great combination of Serious Goregrind and party grind. They’ve made a great impression with their latest album Analhu Akbar. They tackle serious subjects but in a humoristic way!

Fabulous Desaster (Speed/Thrash Metal)

Don’t let their name fool you! They are not a cheap Exodus ripp off!
They make amazing Speed/Thrash metal! With amazingly fast riffs!


Created in 2005, Prickrott started as a small two-man project out of a common interest to create engaging hateful music. Two demo’s were compiled after the first years, entitled “Fuck Your God” and “Hate United” which gained some notoriety within the extreme music scene.
After that, work began on a demo called “Total Fucking Meltdown” which expressed a more raw black metal edge. This demo was released for free on the internet, but was later picked up and released on tape by Zwaertgevegt with an added bonustrack.
At the start of 2014, the full-length Cyberworm came into being.
Recently Prickrott received the opportunity to expand into a full band, and rehearsals began in preparation of our first live assaults and upcoming new album.