Godthrymm (UK) + Into The Arcane

21.00u / heavy doom metal / (ex) My Dying Bride members /atmospheric doom rock / € 5,-


Godthrymm is a new band comprised of veterans from the UK metal scene, focused on heartfelt, crushing riffs and a melancholic sense of dread.

Into the Arcane

In 1867 renowned researcher Dr. John P. Philips, started investigating a string of weird and unexplainable accounts of madness and despair. In his search for answers, he discovered a global connection linking each account to the other. In what he described as: “The Arcane Disorder”, Dr. Philips interviewed dozens of “patients” and uncovered hundreds of manuscripts leading back to as early as 1534. He bundled his early findings into a collective he called: “Into the Arcane”.

We bring you those stories.