Gama Bomb (IRL) + X-Tinxion

19u / thrash metal / presented by MMM  / €15

Gama Bomb

Gama Bomb are the metal world’s Kings Of Geek.

For a decade now, the Irish five-piece have mixed vintage thrash metal with absurd, acid-tongued lyrics, keeping it strictly old school even as they break very modern music industry taboos.

Adhering to self-imposed commandments that prohibit ballads, acoustic intros and the meat-headed tendencies of modern metal, GAMA BOMB went from a quiet corner of Ireland to global cult status in short order, and show  no signs of letting up now.

With a string of three critically-lauded albums and a confrontational pro-file sharing stance that saw them go toe-to-toe with everyone from their contemporaries to rock’s old guard, GAMA BOMB never lost sight of their goal: to make killer, neck-wrecking thrash metal.