Evergreen Terrace (USA) + Arrow Minds (D)

19u / melodieuze metalcore / €12,50

Evergreen Terrace

“The last couple of years were the most challenging for us as a band.” Evergreen Terrace’s guitarist Joshua James spoke on their recent hardships. “We lost a long time member, gas prices we’re eating us alive and record sales were down across the board, all due to the hurting economy. The future didn’t look bright. When Craig, Kyle and I got into the practice space to start writing the new album, we didn’t know what to expect but it just flowed out of us. All of the good, the bad, and the ugly things that had happened to us just poured out into these songs. It ended up being the easiest record for us to write because we had been through so much, and had so much built up inside of us.”

In April, the band entered the studio to record Almost Home, the follow up to their 2007 Metal Blade Records debut, Wolfbiker. An album which Outburn hailed as being “indeed badass, and as a band Evergreen Terrace takes a step forward.” Speaking on the significance of the new album’s title, James says, “We are a touring band, and it feels like we are forever saying we’re ‘almost home.’ Touring is something that nothing compares to, but there’s a feeling of almost being home that resonates with all of us. In a way the band has come full circle back to its original home. We started this band for fun, and it lead us to success. Writing this album has brought us back to the beginning. It has been fun, crazy, frustrating, insomniatic and even with the inevitable pressure, pretty carefree.”

The album was recorded in two separate studios which was a new experience for the band. Musically, the record was tracked at Martell Studios in Kingsland, GA and the vocals were handled by Audio Hammer in Sanford, FL (August Burns Red, Bury Your Dead, Trivium, etc.). “We usually get very little input from engineers because we’ve always self-produced. This time was the first time we actually had any type of ‘producer,’ so we were pretty excited to see how it was going to come out.” James spoke on the recording process. “We got to Martel Studios and found out that Stan (engineer) is a phenomenal bass player and had some really good instrumental ideas. He actually played all the bass on the record. Jason from Audio Hammer (vocal producer/mixer) had a lot of good ideas for effects and positioning of the heavy vocals and harmonies with Craig’s clean vocals. Both Stan and Jason were great to work with. They were very energetic and eager to give their ideas but always let us have full control.”

Hailing from Jacksonville, FL Evergreen Terrace has been blazing their own path through the melodic hardcore style for over a decade now. Anchored by guitar player/vocalist Craig Chaney’s clean singing and catchy hooks, punctuated by lead singer Andrew Carey’s vicious screamed vocals, the five-piece band never depended on anyone but themselves to push their band forward. Rounding out the lineup alongside Andrew and Craig is Josh James (guitar/vocals) as permanent members. With their blistering combination of melodic hardcore, metal and punk-rock strains, Evergreen Terrace has toured the world with bands like As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Hatebreed, Rise Against, Thursday, Circa Survive, Every Time I Die, Strung Out, Agnostic Front and many more. They have also been a part of Sounds of the Underground, Vans Warped Tour and Soundwave Festivals.

Arrow Minds

Arrow Minds is a hardcore punk band from Rostock, Germany. The band was formed in 2016. The same year they released the digital EP “Big Kahuna Jams”. For their debut LP “Alcatraz Affairs”, released in 2018, the band signed with White Russian Records.

Their power- and meaningful songs represent everything a modern hardcore punk band should stand for – fast, positively aggressive tunes leading to catchy hooks; with lyrics that do not try to be empty paroles, but rather raise necessary questions about today’s absurd ideals, ideas, and issues.

The band brings a high-energy live-set wherever they are put on the bill, and have already shared the stage with Wisdom In Chains, Terror, All For Nothing, Evergreen Terrace and many more all around Germany during their first couple of years.