BruuT 7” releaseparty + Razorblade Messiah

21u / oldschool death metal / old school thrash metal / gratis


Corinne van den Brand was one of the first female grunters in the world when she was a member of the legendary band Acrostichon …and now she`s BACK !!!
Together with Albert ( Crustacean ) the best riffmaster she knows and Joris ( Crustacean ) who she knows for a long time and is one of the most brutal drummers in the scene.

Razorblade Messiah

Founded in September 2015, RAZORBLADE MESSIAH is a 4-piece Old School metal band, hailing from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Influenced by the great thrashers from the 80’s, with just a whiff of heavy-, speed- and powermetal, RAZORBLADE MESSIAH is all about pounding rhythms, soaring leads and crushing vocals, wrapped in aggression and melody.

Expect no mercy on your souls, while attending their shows…

“Iron Souls Remain United, Iron Beats of Metal Hearts.”