Brujeria (MEX) + Lokust (UK)

20.00u | death | grind  | 17,50


Brujeria is a deathgrind metal band from Mexico formed in 1989. We are a group from Latin America notorious for the violent and the extreme. We are infamous for the terms Matando Güeros, La Migra, Marijuana y Brujerizmo.

Brujería es una banda de deathgrind mexicana formada en 1989. Somos un grupo de Latinoamerica muy Conocidos por nuestra fama de ser Violentos y Extremos por muchos lugares, tambien conocidos por nuestros temas Matando Güeros, La Migra, Marijuana y Brujerizmo, nos encanta complacer al publico.


Formed in 2017 by Alexy Khoury and Jeremy Pringsheim, LOKUST is an ambiguous modern metal band based in London UK. Teaming up with Kerim “Krimh” Lechner, they released GUILTLESS in 2019 which gained widespread attention, and left the fans hungry for more.. few years down the line, they’re finally ready to unleash their long awaited full album “INFIDEL” out 28/07/23.