Braces + Serve + Torn From Oblivion

20u / hardcore / deathcore / € 7,50


Hard hitting and straight to the point. BRACES brings music that hits you in the face. This four-piece metalband from the south of the Netherlands blends elements from hardcore, metalcore and deathcore. Inspired by Slipknot, Emmure and Knocked Loose, they’re also adding details of electronic and percussive elements into their music.

“Their interaction is seamless and exceptionally good for a debut show; BRACES demonstrates that they have the potential to become a high-quality deathcore band.” – 3 Voor 12

After a successful debut show with Torn From Oblivion, the band released their third single “Godless” and announced to be the opening act for Deez Nuts, October 15th at Bibelot Dordrecht. With new music and new shows on the way, their goal is to tear down every stage they set foot on. Don’t hurt yourself listening to BRACES, or you’ll end up needing a pair.


‘SERVE’ tells a story about the effect mental illness can have on a person. It explores in graphic detail the vicious cycle kickstarted by depression and perpetuated by substance abuse and feelings of isolation & guilt. It does this set to the vicious drums, heavily distorted riffs and harrowing vocals the band bring forth. All in all ‘SERVE’ is not for the faint of heart.

Torn From Oblivion

Torn From Oblivion is a Dutch deathcore band that brings a new twist to the genre by mixing in raw hardcore elements, trap/modern hip hop and putting an emphesis on energetic live shows. The band consists of Mees Stevens (vocals), Bob van Kempen (guitar), Joep Morsink (guitar), Luc van Dijk (drums) and Kane van diepen (bass, backing vocals)

Their debut ep “The Extinction” launched off in 2022. Their shared split-ep titled “Convergence” in collaboration with Changing Tides followed that same year.

In 2023, Torn From Oblivion played support for Vended in Poppodium 013. Recently they added Dynamo Metalfest in their hometown of Eindhoven to their list of experiences. Performing on the same festival as bands like Megadeth, Killswitch Engage, Brand of Sacrifice and Bleed From Within to name a few.

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