Bark (B) + Sisters Of Suffocation + Lifelong

19u / stoner-sludge-hardcore / death metal / presented by MMM  / € 12,50


BARK is the pack of Antwerp stray dogs of extreme sound. Infectious dirty riffs and a voice that tears your speakers apart. They serve their tunes raw, gritty and dark!

Sisters Of Suffocation 

Sisters of Suffocation is an Eindhoven (The Netherlands) based Death Metal band determined to spread their love for extreme music.

Founded in 2014, Sisters of Suffocation have since released their EP ‘Brutal Queen’ in 2016 and the full length concept album ‘Anthology of Curiosities – A Tribute to Bidi’ in 2017. The new full length ‘Humans Are Broken’ has been released March 1st 2019 on Napalm Records.

Sisters of Suffocation is Els Prins (vocals), Simone van Straten (lead guitar), Emmelie Herwegh (rhythm guitar), Tim Schellekens (bass) and Fons van Dijk (drums).


Riffs thick like smoke. Slow, painful, heavy and steeped in filth. Black Sabbath meets Cro-Mags, or