Air Raid (SWE) + Objektor (B)

19.30u / heavy metal / thrash metal / MMM presents / €15

Air Raid

AIR RAID is a Heavy Metal act from Gothenburg, Sweden. They were originally formed in 2009 by guitarists Andreas Johansson & Johan Karlsson. After releasing the EP “Danger Ahead” & the Full-length album “Night Of The Axe” with former singer Michalis Rinakakis, AIR RAID appeared at the Keep It True-Festival in Germany, early 2013. This was followed by two smaller tours and festival gigs around Europe.
In the middle of all success, the personal differences between the band and Michalis had gotten too severe. As a result, AIR RAID decided to part ways with him.
Shortly after bringing in new vocalist Arthur W Andersson in July 2013, the band went on a 5-gig Southern European Tour, and also performed two very successful gigs on Japanese Assault Fest in Tokyo, Japan!


Thrash Metal band Objector first saw light in 2007. Their first album “Stand Your Ground” was released in 2013. Objector can be described mostly as a thrash metal band with influences from Kreator, Slayer, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Annihilator, Judas Priest, Accept and many more. Themes often include evil, the end of the world, politics, death, disaster and chaos. Fast and powerful, loud and to the point.

They come to chew bubblegum and kick ass ….. and guess what? They’re all out of bubblegum!