Beastö Blancö (USA) + Johnny Tupolev (D)

20.30u / powerful / rock & roll / theatrical live experience / €10,-

Beastö Blancö was formed in 2012 by Chuck Garric and Chris Latham. They set out to create a raw, powerful, rock & roll band with a searing, theatrical live experience. Enter Calico Cooper, rock vixen and the spawn of Garric’s boss, legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper and a renegade German rhythm section and Beasto Blanco’s inimitable sound and image emerged.

The Band:
Chuck Garric (Vocals, Guitar)
Calico Cooper (Vocals, Theatrics)
Brother Latham (Lead Guitar)
Jan LeGrow (Bass Guitar, Background Vocals)
Tim Husung (Drums, Background Vocals)

Wuppertal’s alternative rockers Johnny Tupolev inspire with a perfect synthesis of hard guitar riffs, pounding machine beats and driving sequencer loops. The three deliver an astonishingly international sound, no wonder, since they are actively supported by England’s legendary producer John Fryer, known for his work with Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails or White Zombie.

Fri 2 Aug