Scarlet Stories

20.00u / Dark progressive / crowdfunding kickoff party / gratis

Scarlet Stories

Powerful, dynamic vocals and melancholic melodies blended with temperamental chords create sinister tales and carry you away into the stories told. Scarlet Stories explores the dark corners of the world in their progressive music; one moment fragile and delicate and the other intense, passionate and fierce!

Hi everyone!

We would very much like to invite you to our SPECIAL crowdfunding KICKOFF party the 20TH of OCTOBER at Little Devil Bar, Tilburg, The Netherlands! It’s going to be an amazing evening, with lots of great people, drinks and of course, music!

On this evening we will perform in both an acoustic setting and in full formation! And even more exciting; we will reveil our NEW music VIDEO and SINGLE ‘Vingt mille lieues sous les mers’ of our upcoming full-length album to you on this very evening BEFORE the public release! AND we will perform songs of our new album, so you can have a pre-listen to what’s in store! AND of course, we will kick-off our crowdfunding campaign!

We certainly hope you will join us on our adventure! With your help we will be able to record and release our first full-length album. There will be a lot of opportunities to help, and by joining us on this evening YOU can help us make this album become a reality!


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Sat 20 Oct