Magnacult + Onegodless

21.00u / trash metal / death metal / heavy stoner / gratis


MagnaCult is back – angrier than ever, and ready to crush you with their second album, Insua EnVenom. With their signature mix of thrash and death metal, MagnaCult turns up the volume. Get ready to bleed: MagnaCult’s killing season is open.


In a world full of musicians, home studios, bands and their respective originality, ONEGODLESS decides to bring nothing new. Since everything already has been done, and everything else won’t be worth making, these brave young men decide to do something entirely different: acknowledge their total lack of cutting edge, thriving in genuine unoriginality. Without copying other bands, they proudly walk this beaten path of metal. This band makes a mixture of Metal, Rock and Blues like many bands you’ve heard of before, going from Pantera and Black Sabbath to Down and Black Label Society. 

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