Apostle of Solitude (USA) + King Heavy (CL) + B.S.T. (D)

19u / doom metal / presented by Doomsower Mark / € 5,-

Apostle of Solitude (USA)

Apostle of Solitude released the much acclaimed debut album Sincerest Misery on Eyes Like Snow records in 2008, and the 2010follow-up Last Sunrise on both Profound Lore (N America) & Eyes Like Snow (Europe). 

King Heavy (CL)

King Heavy was intiated on the spot in 2009 when Luce (vocals) and Daniel (Bass) met at the Doom Shall Rise festival in Germany. These two brothers in doom have been exchanging music and ideas ever since.

17:00 Bar open
19:00 Zaal open
19.30-20.05 B.S.T.
20.30 – 21.20 King Heavy
21.45-22.55 AoS
22.55-02:00 DJ Devil