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Memoriam (UK) + Fractured Insanity (B) 

Memoriam (UK) + Fractured Insanity (B)
Sun 11 Mar - 19.00 H
€ 17,50

Tickets: https://shop.ikbenaanwezig.nl/kiosk/little-devil

Another killer old school death metal night at Little Devil. The mighty Memoriam will be destroying the stage tonight!

Memoriam UK were formed in January 2016. The band has a substantial and proud Death Metal heritage comprising of:
Karl Willetts - Bolt Thrower
Frank Healy - Benediction, Sacrilege
Andy Whale - Ex Bolt Thrower
Scott Fairfax - Ex Life Denied, Benediction (live).
Memoriam are an Old School Death Metal band and maintain the standards set by previous bands that the members have played with, focusing on the themes of death, loss and war.

When British institution BOLT THROWER disbanded in 2016, no-one dared dream that a super group or successor might be just around the corner, let alone that their consciousness might live on and inhabit a new form. The signature sound of these musicians lives on!


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