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Grave Pleasures (FIN) + The Discussion (USA) 

Grave Pleasures (FIN) + The Discussion (USA)
Fri 27 Oct - 20.00 H
€ 10,-

Tickets available here.

We are thrilled to announce that Grave Pleasures will be playing Little Devil! There are still those rare bands out there in the world that have a unique ability to combine macabre, mystifying rock with a more pop-oriented flare, a la early Bowie or early The Cure. Grave Pleasures are such a band that is equally suited for playing on a stadium stage, or in some Lynchian nightmare. It's that duality and electrifying contradiction that makes their music so exhilarating.

The support band is something to look forward to as well. The Discussion is the new musical endeavor by Laura Pleasants of Kylesa.


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